Renting an apartment in Poland Fees & Terms

Administrative Fees description - this is a name for utilities costs when renting an apartment. 

1. Administrative fee includes constant and variable parts and is payable per month is only an advance payment - prognosis of consumption of utilities measured below. Administrative fee is always balanced (usually once a year) by the administration of the building on a basis of actual utilities consumption (variables).

Please check components of administrative fee below.


Building part

1.Electricity of the building common areas

2 Building Repair fund

3 Lift maintenance

4 Camera maintenance, Building fire protection system

5 Building water and sewage, building electricity, building central heating and metalwork maintenance

6 Operating costs for parking spaces

7 Maintenance materials

Other costs of maintaining common areas

Periodic reviews under construction law

Building insurance

Property cleaning, snow removal

Property garden watering


20 Property Management

Fee for technical inspection

Apartment part

9 Heating - advance payment | variable fee

12 Water heating - advance payment | variable fee

17 Water and sewage system - advance payment | variable fee

18 Garbage collection 

2. Electricity

Apart from Administartive fee tenant is obligated to cover separate bills for electricity.

Electricity biil is issued by Electricity Provider ENEA once in 2 months. 

Some Landlords agree for a Tenant to consider it as lumb sum and add it to administarive fee and balance it at the end of the tenancy contract according toa actual usage. All apartments have electricity meters.


3. Internet / TV


Electricity bill is payable separate and includes constant fee + actual consumption / usually ca 100 PLN/month


Bills for this type of apartments are prepayments (this is why described as circa).  Bills can go up and down…. the exact amount is calculated on actual consumption and balanced with tenants once a year or at the end of the tenancy period.




Internet/tv is optional and payable separate. Tenants choose themselves if they need it … if yes, they choose the internet / tv package and sign a separate contract with the provider / ca 100PLN/month


Furniture: Please just pick exactly what should stay… the owners agreed to remove exactly what you do not need.




Landlord’s Security Deposit (returnable): 3900 PLN


Real Estate Agency fee is 2900 PLN + 23% Vat






Monthly payments: 

* 2900 PLN + CA 700 PLN (admin. fee + electricity)


One time payments: 

*1400 PLN rent for June 

*Agency fee: 2900 PLN + 23% vat